An introduction to canada and its nation

Northern Alberta contains enormous reserves of bitumen, a type of crude oil mixed with soil that can be used to make petroleum. There are gentler options, too, such as strolling Vancouver's Stanley Park and swimming off Prince Edward Island's pink-sand beaches.

As the nature of work continues to evolve and technological change accelerates, many employers have difficulty in identifying the specific skills their employees will need as automation continues to accelerate.

In the decades following World War IIthe Canadian economy shifted dramatically once again as industrial profits were invested into higher wages and taxes, and social services.

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Visible minorities accounted for the highest proportion of the provincial population in British Columbia It is clear that indirect support alone is not sufficient for supporting Canada's innovation system across all sectors of the economy. Post-war immigrants of all backgrounds tended to settle in the major urban centres, particularly Toronto , Montreal and Vancouver. Clothing All First Nations across the country, with the exception of the Pacific Coast, made their clothing—usually tunics, leggings and moccasins—of tanned animal skin. Petty says, the segment "was extraordinarily popular and was initiated by viewer demand. This population formed the nucleus for two modern Canadian provinces—Ontario and New Brunswick—and had a profound demographic, political and economic influence on Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Quebec. They feared future conflict with the new American state to the south and saw the numerous First Nations warriors as essential to their colony's defence. This close-knit community merged and adopted European and First Nations customs and lifestyles to meet the needs of the growing frontier settlement. Attracted by the Grand Banks' teeming cod stocks, Basque, Breton, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Irish and English fishermen had already made contact and traded with the Mik'maq and Maliseet peoples of the Eastern seaboard. Salmon was the primary food source for the First Nations of the Plateau.

The loss of the American colonies brought some 30, United Empire Loyalist refugees to the remaining British colonies in North America.

Their lands were unilaterally ceded to the Americans by the Treaty of Versailles. Conservative in politics, distrustful or even hostile towards Americans, republicanism, and especially American republicanism, [14] this group of people marked the British of British North America as a distinctly identifiable cultural entity for many generations, and Canadian commentators continue to assert that the legacy of the Loyalists still plays a vital role in English Canadian identity.

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Firms were experiencing skill gaps.

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