Architectural design proposal of reading space

Save this picture! To preserve and enhance the role of the library as a community anchor in the face of risk or change — whether demographic shifts or disasters like Hurricane Sandy — the team seeks to align the design of branch buildings with the unique social and cultural qualities of their neighborhoods.

It has a convenient entrance both library employees and book loads.

Spatial narrative architecture

The East entrance is reserved for the convention and exhibition center and is located as close to the East gate as possible to improve the accessibility of external visitors. Many architectural proposals use this opportunity to present high resolution images of previous successful projects. This would create meaningful opportunities for youth to learn new media literacy. The first floor places the administration facilities and has a view to the building and its territory. It provides a space for work and meetings. By utilizing the, otherwise difficult to use, space under the sloped roof, we managed to create space for bicycles. The design of the roof is inspired by the Korean traditional Hanok. At the Walt Whitman Branch Library in Brooklyn, a Carnegie library that is fortress-like in the midst of housing projects, the existing steps are expanded to create public seating and a small addition at the back opens the library to the street and takes advantage of existing outdoor space. Each of them has different function: entrance yard, calm yard, yard for children and car parking. The library building volumes form semi-closed yards. At the New Amsterdam Branch, located in the ground floor of an office building in downtown Manhattan, the cluttered space is opened up and a new graphic identity created for the exterior to be more welcoming to patrons. Several architectures, indeed, were also observed to be starting from sequences: the concept of narration in these processes is implicit, and it defines the presentation of events and also their progressive interpretation. Courtesy of Damian Donze Site and Surrounding The South of the campus is designated to teaching buildings while the North and West are designated for living and sport buildings. Specific areas are designated for rocks and water, areas of vegetation and spaces for cultural events and festivals. At the Clinton Hill Branch Library in Brooklyn, a s brick box set back on a residential street, a new glass Community Room announces the library while the flat roof is transformed into a reading garden connected to the street.

The convention center, containing an auditorium peoplelecture hall people and a conference hall people is located on the East side close to the East gate to ensure good accessibility. The central green oasis is seen as flexible dynamic and open space, fostering a new biodiversity that will link the mountains to the wetlands.

Courtesy of A2SM Architects Located in the small Latvian town of Bauskathe composition of this winning proposal for the library was dictated by low-rise surrounding buildings and the wish to save valuable heritage on the site — old trees and historical building.

The buildings in the North of the library are made up of a lot of brick and, somewhat, try to imitate the style of the old campus.

Architecture and narrative: the formation of space and cultural meaning

This reduces the main flow hitting the main South and North entrances. A library should also become a working environment for small business and freelance people. With a library card, the room can be accessed outside of operating hours. As a vital, independent forum for architecture and its allied disciplines, the League helps create a more beautiful, vibrant, innovative, and sustainable future. The building is horizontally divided between the 5th and the 6th floor. Paris firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures responded to the call with an innovative, eco-friendly design that supports the local population and produces more energy than it uses. The client wants to use the lower part first while opening up the upper part later on. The Performance Library would provide stage and gathering spaces to expand those offerings and encourage these lively community events. This place would become a public space. Open Gate will be an attractive and serene venue for individual retreats and community gathering, a place to connect or disconnect, a place to learn, a place to dream, a place to engage and be engaged, a place for art and all manner of imagination.

The territory of the project is on the hill over the old town near the roundabout where the main roads meet.

The Sheepshead Bay branch frequently serves as an event space for talent competitions, banquets, and other social gatherings — with its dynamic librarian Svetlana as master of ceremonies — and already has a piano and public address system.

storytelling through architecture
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Larsen Architects’ design proposal for a new school located in the heart of Frankfurt.