Capital punishment is always wrong do

We are not bound to offer the sacrifices and keep the Sabbath.

capital punishment is good or bad

Were there some other way of stopping a murder — same thing. In short, it is claimed, the institution of capital punishment is imperfect, capricious, or arbitrary in a particular way: it discriminates on the basis of economic class and race.

In a survey was conducted for the UN to determine the relation between the death penalty and homicide rates. Source: Death Penalty Information Center In countries with a less costly and lengthy appeals procedure, capital punishment seems like a much cheaper option than long-term imprisonment.

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Capital punishment also became a global concern with the post-World War II Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders and after the Declaration of Universal Human Rights and subsequent human rights treaties explicitly accorded all persons a right to life and encouraged abolishing the death penalty worldwide.

Officials imposed death sentences that were never carried out, they conducted mock hangings…, and they dramatically halted real execution ceremonies at the last minute.

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Society must be kept safe from the barbaric acts of murders and rapist, by taking away their lives to function and perform in our society.

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