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According to Chopin, the enthusiastic audience applauded every variation of the melody. Despite the excitement of having a "new" piece by Chopin, any reconstruction or realization of incomplete sketches — by any composer — will bring up questions of the composer's true intentions. It is known by many as "The Funeral March," named for the famous third movement. The first variation, marked Brillante, is fast and lively, as its name suggests, and the second is even faster than the first. Composed between and , they have a high level of difficulty for players. But, who wants to second-guess Chopin? Others that we believe are extant are likely in private collections. They are masterpieces. Chopin indications of a change in form that may in the future exercise considerable influence on this branch of art. Although each of Chopin's Nocturnes is unique, structurally, he tended to use an ABA form in which the repetition of the "A" was highly embellished and the "B" section outlined a contrasting mood.

It stays in the background most of the time, but it shapes the harmonies that highlight Chopin's delightful melodies. In October of that same year, Chopin presented one final concert in Warsaw, this one featuring the E minor Concerto.

Chopin chose to set Polish texts, and rather than use the work of the literary elite, Chopin instead set the poetry of people he knew personally.

This ballade also features counterpoint, and shows a melancholy character. A noted music critic himself, Schumann stressed the importance of the music of new composers of his time.

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Either of these can be true for a nocturnal quality. The Character Piece From Schubert Through Brahms During the Romantic eramany new musical genres were added to expand the keyboard repertoire.

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In the final ballade, it starts out beautifully and peacefully as was typical. Eighteen nocturnes were published by the composer in the following opuses: 9, 15, 27, 32, 37, 48, 55 and

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