Environmental effects on athletes

On the other hand, during the et al. The first paper addresses whether athletes need to supplement with vitamin D. One would question therefore, in what environment an elite athlete would prefer to perform and whether they can be sure that they are not putting themselves at a higher risk than the rest of the population by exerting themselves to their maximum ability in their drive for sporting success.

Environmental effects on athletes

Hopefully, these papers will stimulate thinking and excite sports nutrition researchers to conduct additional research in these areas in the years to come. In green exercise, the synergistic benefit of engaging in physical activities while at the same time being directly exposed to nature, is worthy of further exploration.

environment in sport

This continued in with a meeting held in October to discuss several nutritional and environmental issues that influence athlete health and performance. Lawrence L. Modelling the impacts of a carbon emission-differentiated vehicle tax system on CO2 emissions intensity from new vehicle purchases in Ireland.

how does equipment affect sports performance

Impact of environmental parameters on marathon running performance. Marathon running an all-weather sport? Short and long-term exposure to PM2.

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Environmental factors affecting elite young athletes.