Essay how to reduce stress at work

Stress in the workplace

Definition First of all, several definitions of stress management will be illustrated in order to provide a clearer understanding of the term. By defining detailed job guidelines, the HRM can avoid role ambiguity and role conflicts, which are to be found as a great source of stress D. Model Answer: Stress seems to have become a companion of employees in the present day era. He has a job that requires him to be away from his family from a. The management of an organization can contribute in two ways to the failure of occupational stress management. According to the Holmes-Rahe Life Events Scale, which rates levels of stress, many of the most stressful events in life are related to the workplace. Stress is a state of mental or emotional tension resulting from adverse or difficult situations Merriam-Webster. Relaxing is a way most important to settle down the emotion; when emotion calm and relax, stress will be gone away Schultz, , p.

This author will discuss the impact of stress and worker burnout on organizations The statistics in healthcare professions were even higher.

I took all 3 of the surveys about stress because I felt I wanted to completely understand how much I am stressed and how I respond to stress.

Essay how to reduce stress at work

Some examples are firings, business readjustments and changes in financial status, altered responsibilities, a switch to a different line of work, trouble with the boss, changes in work hours or conditions, retirement and vacations.

Employment can be an exciting challenge for many individuals; it can also be a tremendous source of stress.

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I will start by defining what stress is and how it might be perceived. According to the American Institute of Stressstress is a difficult term to define because it is a highly subjective phenomenon whose description differs from person to person This approach is proving to increase workplace performance, as well as improve employee loyalty and retention in the long run.

Stress at workplace essay

According to Cotton , stress management is concerned with identifying and analyzing problems that are related to stress, and applying a variety of therapeutic techniques to change either the source of stress or the experience of stress. Well, I may have misled you. Emotional states in the workplace have strong influence on the outcomes and dictates behaviors and attitudes within organizations. On the other hand, chronic stress is a more serious problem because it is long term stress and can impact health even more Supervisors can help provide resources to help supervisees demonstrating symptoms of job stress and make an outside referral as necessary. When driving over-the-road OTR cross-country under a tight delivery schedule period I had stressful experiences Preparing employees for necessary changes, training them, and providing the necessary support can be an additional role of a HRM D. I will start by defining what stress is and how it might be perceived. The main objective of stress management is to help the employee to function at an optimal level Cotton, by improving the ability of the workers to cope with difficult work situations NIOSH, Two advantages of stress management Positive impacts on the organization The following paragraph will highlight the beneficial effects of occupational stress management on organizational success. An additional study provides evidence of individual differences in stress response. The way one copes with the stress is how it can affect our body. Stress is a normal part of life. Employees who are satisfied with their job are more productive, show pro-social behavior, and have a lower absenteeism and lower turnover rate D. In the evening after work you want to go to sleep right away and not to wake up.

This is a seven-page essay that starts off with a history lesson. In reality, just the opposite view is more accurate. Worksite stress management interventions.

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Stress can be defined in numerous amounts of ways.

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Essay about Ways to Reduce Stress