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However they only have websites in 13 of them. But they are still considerable for MUJI.

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Secondly, MUJI has to set segmental objectives to reach business goal. The Swedish brand has already started to open new stores in China and currently plans to enter the Indian market as well as in Serbia, South Korea, and many other countries. On the other hand, the online store has become the opportunity for MUJI to sell its homewares.

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It has branched out into many other sub-marketing opportunities such as the Instagram Challenge and IKEA is also on the forefront of connecting to customers via social media.

Being a leader also automatically commands respect and trust, but also comes with a lot of responsibility. Apple revolutionized the world of smartphone with his core value product the iPhone.

Swot muji

The popularity of kitchenware According to the research, more and more people cook home rather than eat out. Through SO strategy, MUJI is advised to promote their stylish furniture and homewares, and connect them tightly with their Japanese simple philosophy. MUJI epitomizes the Everyman with its core principle of giving everyone, whatever their status, access to affordable, simplistic, good quality furniture and home accessories. Their product range is timeless, smart, adaptable and moreover lasts long to survive decades in any household type for any person. Therefore, a strong and precise brand essence should be delivered to their consumers. Concentrate on selling furniture in-store but make it easier to buy housweares online WO: Mini-Maxi Strategy 1. The Swedish brand has stores in 27 countries. The sale of MUJI has been sluggish for few years. The corporation owns and operates hospitals and freestanding surgery centers Wall Street Journal, IKEA, the home furniture retailer is also the parent brand of Boklok. Under these ideas, their products are marketed according to purpose, and there are no sub-brands. The research from BrandZ also finds that a successful brand should make a firm connection with consumers instead of only earning wild awareness from public. BoKlok sells affordable flat-pack houses developed and built by Skanska and designed by IKEA large volumes, low prices, industrialized production. As the time passed by, the concept of integrated marketing communications has adapted and changed.

The name of the business is The Water tower. In this sense MUJI does not only sell furniture but instead the philosophy of anti-branding, and a bare essentials, self-sufficient lifestyle.

They have to work only with companies that share its core values. They will have to carefully design their messages to not over-emphasize name but continue on function and price. Then they start wandering around and just leave without purchasing anything in the end.

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Besides the target is not the same as IKEA targets the growing middle class in these countries. In furniture market, although consumers search reviews and design ideas online, they still prefer feel the tangible products and buy them in-store. The connection should be developed firmly between brands and consumers. The manufacturing process is also streamlined for efficiency to eliminate waste and reduce costs while in effort to reduce and eliminate waste, products from last season are recycled or resold the next season. Thus it will reduce the brand equity of the whole group. In the Europe, however, the geographic distance makes the perception gap. The corporation owns and operates hospitals and freestanding surgery centers Wall Street Journal,

In order to build firm connection with target audience, MUJI is suggested to find out the target group which share the similar philosophy.

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