The value of women and their roles outside the house in trifles a play by susan glaspell

Hale hints that Mr. Another point worth noting is that both Martha and Mrs. However, although Mrs. Wright's own situation as the women later realize that her mental preserves have shattered because of the house's emotional winter. Wright left behind and subjectively trying to understand what happened and even more so why Mrs.

Hale note, John Wright was a hard man and did not provide the companionship needed, while Mrs.

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Wright, to discover the body. Smith, Nicole.

The value of women and their roles outside the house in trifles a play by susan glaspell

Wright must be experiencing. Hale appear to be what the men refer to as "trifles," in that they do not have any obvious bearing on the physical facts of the case. Wright and through their conversation theyquestion whether or not Mrs. They theorize that Mr. That was obviously a mistake since the ladies, being meddlesome like normal women, found a very key instrument in the motivation of the murder. Wright's lack of children and other friends, and Mrs. The trifles, as the men had called it, were anything but. She is overpowered by her dominating husband and in the end killed him for suffocating her spirit. Women were sheltered from the stress of the world and cherished for their piety. They present themselves as tough, serious-minded detectives, when in truth they are not nearly as observant as the female characters. Wright greeted him but behaved strangely. Wright killed her spouse because she could think of no more fitting revenge than to inflict damage in kind to the perpetrator.

The Industrial Revolution brought many jobs and business opportunities causing the average work week for a man to be about sixty hours.

During this time, marriages were nothing but a masquerade. Work Cited Glaspell, Susan. Wright when talking about her more recently. Just to pass the time of day with him Shivers. Inside, wrapped in silk, is a dead canary. Hale enter the kitchen of the Wright household.

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The Irony of Trifles: A Look Into Susan Glaspell's Play "Trifles"