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You could also register the will, as it offers a degree of authenticity since it has been approved by a government official. If you are 18 and of sound mind, you can make a Will for your self-earned assets in favour of anyone. Own Will You don't need to hire a lawyer to make a Will. Equally important are the three declarations—that you are revoking all earlier wills, that you are of sound mind, and that you are not making the will under any pressure. Certain persons are required to implement your Will after your death, such as Executors, Guardians, Witnesses etc. Not leaving a Will behind leads to legal disputes among family members. You should organise your documents and information so that these can be found easily to make your asset distribution smoother. Make sure you enter the personal details, including name, address, place and date; put in the full name and relationship of beneficiaries; mention the assets precisely; have it done in the presence of two witnesses; and sign it along with the witnesses and their details. Online Will services are catching up in India. Since you will not be around to ensure its distribution, you should mention who will do this ie Executor. You could even appoint a power of attorney or set up a trust to handle your affairs. You can create a life interest on the house in favour of your wife. Click here to Enlarge Suitability Online Will is best suited to someone with an uncomplicated asset composition and a simple family structure.

While writing the will itself is a simple task, it is best to do it under legal supervision, consulting a lawyer or online will-makers. A will reduces expense, effort and paperwork, not to mention disputes within the family.

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Depending on the service provider, a basic online Will can cost you anywhere between Rs 1, and Rs 4, If, instead, it is willed to the child, the balance of power remains with parents.

While making a Will you can include certain important and valid clauses that can ensure that any of the needy beneficiaries are provided a source of income throughout their life from any of your properties or assets.

Hence a life interest is usually created in the following cases: where a husband leaves behind his widow and wishes that his wife should be safe and secured till her death in the house she lives.

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I am only 32 years unmarried. You are responsible to read this document from time to time to ensure that your use of the Services remains in compliance with this Agreement.

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There are clients with global assets, those who may be bound by forced heir-ship laws or those who may have concerns around foreign estate tax

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