Wilson disease essay

This is cause by a defect in the transport of copper.

wilson disease genetics

They do not become ill and should not be treated. Both of these drugs act by chelation or binding of copper, causing its increased urinary excretion.

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Decreasing dosage can result in unnecessary disease progression. This is done with the use of a decoppering agent such as penicillamine or zinc.

Wilsons disease presentation

Presidents like Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson were particularly influential when it came to reform, but each had a specific idea of which reforms should be instated and which should be ignored. Blood tests are used to measure the amount of a protein called ceruloplasmin in your blood. Woodrow Wilson, our 23rd president, became involved in a war that he did not want any part of. Grains contain significant amounts of copper but are important components of a healthful diet, and dietary restriction may be neither wise or necessary, particularly if zinc is supplemented. Bertha Wilson was chosen for my Heritage Fair topic because Bertha worked hard even when she knew that no woman had been where she had been before. Wilson's work was based off of different reports and studies from many studies including a German neurologist by the name of Dr Carl Westphal in , who termed these changes "pseudosclerosis", by a British neurologist named Sir William Gowers in , who similarly identified the combination of neurologic and liver disease Rosencrantz and Schilsky, , pg. Treatment of this disease must be continuous and lifelong. Almost one half of these are alcohol related.

Miller p 16 In the majority of the affected people the disease is detected between the ages of The responsible gene is located at a precisely known site on chromosome Direct testing for these defects can aid in confirming or eliminating the diagnosis in patients with symptoms of the disease.

Because of the insertions and deletions, no ATP7B is produced or, if it is, a very small amount is made.

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The ring forms as a result of copper deposition building up in the eye.

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Wilson disease